Five Flick Friday 3-29

Five Flick Friday

Starring Oliver Kurtz, Jamie Sterling, Kohl Christensen, Greg Long, and Conner Coffin

Greg Long in TransWorld SURF's 2012 hit Let's Surf Seriously
Long going XXL at Puerto Escondido, Todos Santos, and Cloudbreak
“Big wave surfing is super serious again.”—Chris Malloy

Let’s Surf Seriously is available on iTunes for just $7.99

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Massive Ireland With Kohl Christensen And Crew

Kohl Christensen and Danilo Couto take on North Atlantic storm Jolle while in Ireland. Video from the series Deep Water by Patagonia.

Killin’ It In The Caribbean With Oliver Kurtz

Kurtz bails on the Florida doldrums for an escape to the blue waters of the Caribbean
Music by The Horrors
Film/Edit by Dylan Palmer

Conner Coffin X Jack Coleman Bali Collab

Precision and power from Conner Coffin in Indonesia.
Filmed and edited by Jack Coleman.


Peaking: Jamie Sterling

By Elliot Struck
Follow Jamie for 72 hours leading up to, during and after the 2013 Mavericks Invitational.
The word ‘challenge’ doesn’t quite cover what it is to surf Mavericks. Out there in the cold juice of Half Moon Bay in Northern California, taking on a crushing black mountain that wants to put you down deep. Jamie Sterling gets his thrills from places like that. He recently competed in the Mavericks Invitational, held in a swell that was questionable as far as contestability goes. Regardless, the butterflies came swooping and the boat ride out always means a quickened pulse, no matter what. “Peaking” puts you right next to the former Big Wave World Champion as he experiences Mavericks and the range of emotion that comes with competing at a big wave event.

“Peaking – A Big Wave Surfer’s Perspective” is a new, six-part original series from that will feature six different athletes at six different waves and document the intense 72-hour window around major swell events. The series is meant to paint a very stripped down, very honest portrait of who these athletes are and the emotions they go through as they prepare to do the extraordinary.