Five Flick Friday Vol 3

US Closed

Remember that whole action sports festival/contest last week that some bald dude won? Well, here’s a different view of what went down in the water in Huntington Beach with $100Gs up for grabs.

Alex, Dusty, And Dooma Do Mex

Heading to Mexico is one of the best things to do in the Northern Hemisphere summers. Just ask Alex Gray, Dusty Payne, and Damien Fahrenfort…

Gorkin, Kelly, And Friends At Lowers

Floridians infiltrate Lowers and have a good time. That bald dude surfs pretty well…

Tweakin’ On Teahupo’o

The Billabong Pro Tahiti gets underway this weekend with the trials event—here’s to hoping the beast awakens this year for the contest.

Steph Gilmore Photo Shoot

Yes, this one doesn’t have any surfing in it. But are you really complaining about getting to watch Steph Gilmore dance around for the camera? Girl can surf, too.

Teahupo'o Tahiti wave