Five Flick Friday: 3/1

21 days: Parko/Fanning, Episode 3
via RedBull: “Episode three of 21Days: Parko/Fanning is the last chapter documenting the lives of these two sportsmen as they ready themselves for the first test of the new year. The final lap before the flag drops might be the most nerve-wracking, but it’s also the most exciting.”

Sebastian Zietz: World Tour ready
If Seabass isn’t one of your favorite surfers yet, he will be soon.
via: Oakley Dispatch

Carissa Moore
Carissa Moore can lay rail with the best men in the world. Dare we compare her turns to Pancho Sullivan?
via: Hurley

Leftovers & A Right
Brett Barley’s B-Roll is nothing to shake a stick at.
Film/Edit: Jacob Vanderwork

Mick Fanning
At the start of the 2013 WT, here’s a quick reminder that despite the onslaught of JJF and Medina—Mick will be a world title contender for many years to come.
via Rip Curl