Five Flick Friday: 3/9

The Isle: Matt Meola & Albee Layer
The beginning of this will make you feel awkward, but the good surfing afterward is worth the squeamish start.

Volcom: Funtitled #03
Episode #03 of Volcom’s “FUNTITLED” surf video series featuring Bruce Irons, Dean Morrison, Alex Gray, Marcus Hickman and Dusty Payne at Pipe.

Sharky: Mark Healey
It’s no secret that Healey is a madman. This bit of insight into his brain will leave you wanting more.

Kolohe Andino: Oz
Kolohe put up a respectable fight at Snapper, it’ll be fun watching his progress during his rookie season.

Matt Banting: Oz
Judging from this clip, Matt’s confidence is through the roof after dominating last months Australian Open Of Surfing.