Five Flick Friday 4-5

Strange Brains With Parker Coffin

What goes on inside the brain of a surf and girl crazed 17-year old? Check out Parker Coffin’s episode of the Volcom series Strange Brains

Bali Bagus From The Mad Hueys

“I’m not like those other fuckin’ industry team managers,” says Hazza. “If you ain’t drinkin’ you’re off the team, mate!” Check the surfing bogans in Bali as they meet up with Bruce Irons at the Komune Beach Club at Keramas.

Sick As Frick with Sterling Spencer, Tanner Rozunko, and Benji Weatherley

We’ll let Sterling explain this one: “Sorry for partying is more like a documentary of my life. This last weekend I was training my new roommate Tanner Rozunko for Indie glory. He told me he wanted to be famous and I said you can come with me but the first time you ask a question it’s over. We went down to the jetties in oceanside and he watch me surf. I need him to visualize it before he can do it. After training and having a surf I took him to “The Indian” for a drink and we got stopped by none other than Benji Weatherly….

The Eala Stewart Story

Get to know underground Hawaiian ripper Eala Stewart from Honolulu, Hawaii. With surfing like that he won’t be underground for long…

John John Florence In Free To Roam

Ripping new clip from the John John Florence camp that was shot in Australia before he went and busted his ankle. Some amazing skating in there too courtesy of John’s buddy Greyson Fletcher. Get well soon John, we need you back on tour!
Filmed by Erik Knutson
Directed by Blake Kueny