Five Flick Friday 4/19

Five Flick Friday: The Best Surf Videos Of The Week 4/19

Let's Surf Seriously: Mason Ho Part

North Shore surfer Mason Ho as seen in TransWorld SURF‘s 2012 hit surf movie Let’s Surf Seriously.

Let’s Surf Seriously which is now available on iTunes for just $7.99.

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Deep Water: Kohl Christensen And Crew At Puerto Escondido

Heavy barrels—and a few heavy beatings—greet Kohl Christensen and friends at Puerto Escondido in the sixth episode of the Deep Water series. Other surfers include Greg Long, Gabriel Villaran, Joao De Macedo, Jensen Hasset, Alvaro Malpartida and Coco Nogales.

Philip Goold Ripping The Caribbean

Phillip bails the cold climes of North Carolina for the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Good call Phil!

24 Hours On the Gold Coast

“Kirra has had a few epic days so far this year. Here’s what happened in a 24 hour period during the most recent swell on the Gold Coast,” says Jay “Bottle” Thompson. Killer clip with Bottle and Mick Fanning…

Strange Brains | William Aliotti
Go inside the strange brain of William Aliotti from St. Martin in le Caribbean.
For more of Volcom’s rider-produced web series, go to Strange Brains