Five Flick Friday: 5/25

Nick Rozsa: Homegrown wedges
From Salina Cruz to Ventura, Rozsa continues to impress.
Film/Edit: Chris Papaleo via Salty Beards.

Eric Geiselman, Balaram Stack, CJ Hobgood: Costa Rica
EG’s frontside three at the 1:00 mark shows how damn good he is. If he stays healthy for a couple years, watch out.
Film/Edit: Duncan Henville

Dean Morrison: Pipe & Backdoor
Dingo weaves through some epic late season tubes in and around the Da Hui Backdoor shootout.
Film/Edit: Nate Leal

Sterling Spencer: Mexico
“Somewhere south of the border, Chancho continues his quest for enlightenment…”

Josh Kerr: Gold Coast
Two days, Eleven air threes. Count ’em.
Film/Edit: Matt Kleiner