Five Flick Friday: 6/15

Epic Cloudbreak
This raw footage of last week’s monster afternoon at Cloudbreak does a nice job portraying what it felt like watching from the channel.
Film/Edit: John Eaves

May Days
Mitch Crews, Mitch Parkinson, Noa Deane, Sam Lendrum, and Jack Freestone; shredding in Oz.
Film/Edit:Darcy Ward

Davey Cathels: Mexico
A black and white montage from the points of Salina Cruz.
Film/Edit: Dillon Chang

Funch In The Sunch
Griffin Colapinto & Nic Hdez taking apart early summer Lower Trestles.
Film/Edit:Justin Jung

Dean Morisson: California
From Southern California To San Francisco. Dingo’s Adventures Along The West Coast.
Film/Edit: Julian Mascuilli