Five Flick Friday: 6/29

Michael Dunphy
This three minute edit from Central America gets the job done—it’ll leave you oozing with the itch to hop a plane and go, well, anywhere…
Film/Edit: Thomas Brothers Productions

Luke Davis
Two fun summer surfs with Luke around his San Clemente hometown.
Film/Edit: Noah Alani

Craig Anderson
From DC’s ‘Show & Tell’ web series—a few minutes with uber-stylish Ando.

The Irons Family
At 2:02, A.I. lays down a perfect frontside rail grab cutback at OTW. That turn is as good as they come.
Direct/Cut: Ryan Thomas • Producer: Matt Shuster

Gabe Kling, Chris Ropero, & Jody Davis: Florida Panhandle
Three of St. Augustine, Florida’s finest find torrential rain and relentless offshore winds on the Gulf Coast—but the draining tubes make their trek worthwhile. Is this really Florida’s gulf in June?
Film/Edit: Ben Sitten via and Void Magazine