Five Flick Friday 7-27

Five Flick Friday 7-27-2012
No tight jeans, no walks through the forest, and zero teenage angst highlight this weeks batch of radness.

Let's Surf Seriously
While we guarantee it won't win any awards at the Slurper Poll, we can guarantee you that our new flick will make you laugh and want to go surfing. World premiere August 1 at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach, doors open at 7:30, show kicks off at 8:30 (assuming we finish editing it by then).

Nat Young in Africa Or Nothing
Nat shows off his Steamer Lane-honed backside skills from South Africa. This kid looks ready for the big leagues…

Ever Ready Eddie and friends from Runman 69
Before surf movies were hijacked by emo "artists", they used to be funny and entertaining. There were no sad walks through the forest, none of that inner angst rich kids from the OC suffer from, and tight pants were for chicks. Behold a great section from one of my all time surf movies, Runman 69.

No Excuses With Brett Simpson
HB's prodigal son on why he's not making any excuses as to why he can't win a 3rd US Open Of Surfing title. Go get 'em Simpo!

Congratulations Stephanie Gilmore from Quiksilver
After an off year where she, gasp, didn't win the world title, Steph Gilmore is back and better than ever. Will there be a challenger to the throne anytime soon? Not if she keeps surfing like this...