Five Flick Friday: 7/6

Taj Burrow & Friends
Minus the great white sharks, West Oz is THE surfers paradise. Perfect uncrowded beachbreaks and slabbing left barrels, all in a days work.
Film/Edit: Wyatt Davies

Josh Kerr
Scary that these are Josh Kerr’s “B” clips.
Film/Edit: Matt Kleiner

Sterling Spencer
From Network A: “No one’s ever made a cologne named after Sterling, or done a cologne marketing campaign based around him like they have for Laird Hamilton, but on the off chance that you’ve ever wondered what such a campaign might look like … wonder no more. Introducing “Ou de Laird” and, no, Sterling doesn’t speak French.”

Tom Curren
Tom Curren’s section from 5’5″ x 19 1/4″ will never get old. To watch new footage of just about every good surfer in the world rip the bag out of Lowers on Mayhem’s, click right here.

A Day With Kid Creature
Learn about the kid phenom aptly named kid creature right here, courtesy SME Live.