Five Flick Friday: 8/17

Alex Gray: Mexico
From Fiji to Tahiti to Mexico--Alex is on every big swell all across the globe.

Kustom Airstrike: Episode 3
Although this episode would be more aptly named the “Kustom Tube Strike,” there’s no reason to whinge about four minutes of good surfing. John John pulls one massive backside three, the crew gets barreled, and we all win.

Nate Yeomans: J-Bay
A 3:12 web clip with nary an air? That’s just…weird.
Film/Edit: SK

Ian Walsh: Maui
Ian walks us through a day in his life on Maui in the winter--during a massive swell.
Via NetworkA

Chris Tucker: Central America
Florida’s Chris Tucker throwing heat in the sweltering Nicaraguan summer.
Film/Edit: Thomas Brothers Productions