Five Flick Friday: 9/14

Costa EZ
Brothers Eric & Evan Geiselman dueling in Costa Rica.
Film/Edit: Mike Lopez

Red Desert Affairs
Dean Morrison on an adventure through the West Oz deserts.
Film/Edit: Julian Mascuilli

Winter Bliss
Dare we say Saffa Brendon Gibbens’ style is Dane Reynolds/Jordy Smith esque?
Filmed By: Paul Daniel, Alan Robb, Deen Hill, Beren Hall, & Neil Webster

Xcel Core Files
For more rad footage of madman Greg Long, make sure to check his part in the new TransWorld SURF movie, Let’s Surf Seriously.
Via: Xcel Wetsuits

Desert Ash
Three days with Reubyn Ash in the Wadi Adventure wave pool. How fun does this place look?
Film/Edit: Tim Boydell via Monster Energy