Five Flick Friday: Best Surf Videos Of The Week 7-12

Nothing Left

Austin Smith Ford shredding Santa Cruz. Austin bagged two major surf mag covers nearly 10 years ago, and though he’s gone a bit quiet since, is still surfing strong.
Film/Edit: Jack Boston

Neptune Place

The second installment in a summer surf series from Derek Dunfee.

A Raglan Selfie

Says Luke Cederman: “Hi, I’m Luke and I’m not a 17 year old girl, but I still think selfies are kinda cool. I throw them up on my Instagram all the time, they’re mainly of me eating good food and doing ROFLOL’s when I see funny stuff on Youtube. Check out this recent selfie I took surfing. OMG! YOLO!”

My Road

A new web series from Nic Von Rupp, in which he scores Indonesia’s Lakey Peak.

Simple Pleasures, With Carlos Munoz

This 19 year old Costa Rican is about to blow up! Watch this edit, and you’ll understand exactly why.
Via: Red Bull