Five Flick Friday: Mid Summer Edition

Five Flick Friday: Mid Summer Edition

Because nothing says "have a rad summer" like a riot at the beach!

The "riot" that happened this year during the US Open paled in comparison to the OP Pro riot of 1986…wild in the streets is right!

Josh Kerr Wins Chippa Wilson's 'Flight To The Flats' Air Contest
After battling the world's best aerialists in a head to head format, Josh Kerr has been crowned the Flight To The Flats champion! Get the whole scoop at

Every douchebag rioter should have gotten this treatment…the skinny kid protecting his car can throw down huh?

Epic Jason Buttonshaw at Kirra footage from the cult classic Surf Into Summer. Buttonshaw was like 14-years old in this clip and a full phenom at the time. Billabong used to make sick surf movies! The TSOL soundtrack ain't bad either…

Nothing says summer like being a pro surfer in Huntington Beach during the week of the US Open! Paul Fisher assures me that his upcoming episode of will be even more remarkable. PS Carissa and Tyler want to kick your ass Fish!