Five Flick Friday Vol 1

Luke Davis Series, Hawaii

For those of you who think Luke Davis is a blonde, Southern California softee, here’s evidence to the contrary.

A Dusty Week In Winter

Those Australian kids seem to be having quite the winter…

Koa Smith Next Level Doyleing

That just happened.

Lost Atlas Trailer

Just dropped this week and has pretty much got me writing off Modern Collective even harder now. Don’t be surprised if this flick ends up being straight filth—just spare me on the whole ‘post-modernism’ bullshit.

Oakley Team At Mr. Price Pro On The 4th

Normally I’d shy away from putting up contest clips. But watching Jordy Smith and Adam Melling at the Mr. Price Pro in damn good South African surf is reminding me of last year’s J-Bay final. Which reminds me that the best event on tour starts next week.

Kolohe Andino surfing air