Five Minutes With WQS #4, Austin Ware

Solana Beach, CA. surfer Austin Ware rocketed his way up the ratings after finishing in second to South African David Weare at the 6-Star Prime Quiksilver Pro Durban last week, pocketing $7400 and 2625 WQS points which boosted him up to fourth on the WQS. Sure, it’s early days as far as the year goes, but nevertheless, Austin and the San Clemente crew he is travelling with are doing the right thing, both in their surfing in the water and their spirit on the beach. Transworld SURF South Africa correspondent Craig Ritchie caught up with the talented natural footer after his finals berth in Durban to talk about what team support does for his game.

Craig: Well done on making the finals!

Austin: I’m stoked, and congratulations to David. I’m really stoked to get second, this was my best result, so… stoked!

You had a crew cheering you on throughout the entire event – what’s the story there?

Austin: Yeah, we have a good support group going. It’s Nate Yeomans, the Gudauskas brothers and myself, and whether they’re doing well in an event or it’s myself, it seems like we have a good tight group and we’re always there for each other. I think that’s what Americans lack, is a support group. Especially on the ‘QS – there’s a bunch of us, but not everyone is there together.

Good to have them rooting for you, huh?

Austin: Yeah, I’ll be doing the same for them when they’re in the same position, so I’m stoked they’re there for me.

So, are you all from the same place back home?

Austin: They’re from San Clemente and I’m from San Diego, but it’s a pretty similar place. We’ve grown up together and been surfing together for a long time. We’re all going to Scotland together and then going to try and make it back home for Lowers, then head off to the Maldives. We’ve been trying to keep this group tight and make sure we’re all good supporters.

And having this group is making a big difference for you?

Austin: It’s nice because we want to come and support, and we want to have a dynamic group. It’s also great because when we go surfing together, someone is always ripping and it builds you up. So even if you’re not doing well in the comp, somebody else is and it’s a good atmosphere to be in.

To Pat and Dane Gadauskus: Anything to add about Austin’s second?

Pat: That was tits!
Dane: He’s the man – he’s the man and a half!
Pat: Yeah! The American blood is still going!