Five Sick Stocking Stuffers For Surfers

Five Sick Stocking Stuffers For Surfers

With the holidays right around the corner, it's the perfect time to start thinking about stoking out the surfer in your family. And the best way to do that is to add to their stockpile of surf accessories. None of these gifts will break the bank, and will most certainly add to their surf stoke.

Rip Curl booties
The northern hemisphere is in the throes of winter, which makes for great surf—and bone chillingly cold water. Beat the cold with Rip Curl's new Rubber Souls split toe booties. Dipped into liquid neoprene, they are nearly seamless which makes for the ultimate in comfort and warmth. Warmer feet make for longer surf sessions—something every surfer can appreciate.
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The Surf Grass Mat
Nobody likes a sandy wetsuit, and with the help of the Surf Grass Mat you'll never have to worry about finding a clean spot to change in and out of it again. Made with synthetic turf, the Surf Mat doubles as a spot to keep your wet wetsuit while hurrying home for Christmas dinner.
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Sticky Bumps surf wax
Surf wax is funny in that nobody wants to buy it—we'd rather just bum a piece of it off a stranger in the parking lot. The problem with that is sometimes you end up with a tiny chunk of something that barely resembles wax and you owe the guy who gave it to you a wave. Every surfer needs wax—this one is a no brainer!
Available at surf shops everywhere

Ding All Standard surfboard repair kit
Stickers, wax, and duct tape are not long term solutions to surfboard dings. Fix small dents and dings the right way and ensure that your surfboard will have a long life. From resin, sandpaper, stir sticks, and filler, just about everything you need is in this small, convenient kit.
Available at most surf shops

100 Greatest Waves
While this 240-page coffee table style book won't quite fit into a stocking, it's too good of a gift to pass up. Packed to the gills with stunning imagery from some of the world's best surf photographers, '100 Greatest Waves' features the best surf spots in the world and gives you insider information as to when and where to go.
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