Flea Rescues Bodyboarder In Santa Cruz


Flea and furry friends at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.

According to a post on the santacruzpatch.com, Darryl "Flea" Virostko and his brother Troy sprang into action the other day in Santa Cruz to come to the assistance of 65-year old woman who was in a bad spot at Mitchell's Cove in Santa Cruz. Fully clothed and with a puncture wound in his side from a previous nose-to-the-hip mishap, Flea and his brother leapt into the 50-degree water and dragged the woman to safety.

"We had to grab onto one another and the rocks to avoid getting washed out into the ocean, it was heavy," he told the local newspaper. "This is just what surfers do. This is our briar patch. I knew we could get her out of the water. I would like to think almost any true surfer would have done what I did," he added.

Well done boys! For more go to santacruz.patch.com