Flexdex Suspends Operations

Ridout Plastics is suspending its Flexdex Skateboard division due to rising material costs and severe insurance constraints. “It’s a tough business decision that I had to make,” says Flexdex President Elliott Rabin. “Our material costs have continued to rise and our ability to produce a top quality product at an affordable price has been compromised.”

Flexdex has been part of the boarding world since its introduction at the Long Beach ASR show in February 1996. Flexdex, with a registered trademark in several countries, distributed skateboards throughout the world. Flexdex grew to include signature models designed by Kelly Slater, Tim Curran, Kalani Robb, Wingnut, Surf Diva, and Cara-Beth Burnside. Additionally, it sponsored athletes Trudy Todd, Jamie O’Brien, Kristen Cuizon, as well as countless groms.

Flexdex says its known for creating an unbreakable skateboard deck that rivaled the feeling of surfing and pioneering a line of skateboards designed specifically for women.

“Thank you to everyone — to our customers and to our friends in the industry — for your dedication to the Flexdex brand. We’ve had a lot of fun and made lasting friendships around the world,” Rabin adds. The brand’s Flexdex Web site (www.flexdex.com) will continue to operate.

Ridout Plastics continues to be a leading provider of display and engineering plastics, visual merchandising POP displays, and contract manufacturing. Customers include the U.S. Navy, Marines, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Siemens, and Costco.