Fly Fisherman Reels In Great White Shark Off La Jolla

I was talking to someone up in Santa Cruz last weekend and we got started talking about all the Great White sightings down here in SoCal. You know what he called SoCal? “The new Red Triangle.” Think about that next time you’re out there…

Great White Shark Caught Off La Jolla

Not a big one but enough to do some damage…Photo: Jeff Patterson

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A great white shark about 6 feet long and 150 pounds was caught by a fly fisherman off La Jolla last week.

It’s believed to be the first great white taken off the California coast using a fly rod and reel. Jeff Patterson, director of sales for reel manufacturer Abel Automatics, was testing company products about five miles offshore when the white shark hit.

It is not legal in California to take great white sharks, which have been protected in all state waters since Jan. 1, 1994. “Anglers cannot target great whites, and if caught accidentally while fishing for something else you have to immediately release them,” Department of Fish and Game marine biologist Carrie Wilson said.

Patterson released the shark after taking the picture shown here.