Flynn Novak Wins The $50,000 Kustom Airstrike

A huge congrats is in order to North Shore surfer and TransWorld SURF correspondent Flynn Novak who just won the 2010 Kustom Airstrike! Flynn just got a call from last year’s winner Dusty Payne (you can hear the audio in the clip above) who broke the news. Stay tuned for an interview with Flynn, I just talked to him and suffice to say, the man is pumped! Here’s what he had to say, “What a relief!” he yelled into the phone. I then asked him what his bank account was looking like before he’d won and he broke it down like this, “It was definitely in negative balance, I spent everything I had to get to Bali, and to get back and hear this… I’m so fu—kin’ stoked!” Here’s our little chat we had upon calling to congratulate him.—Justin Cote

Justin: First of when the fuck are we going to Femme Nu?
Flynn: We’re going to Femme Nu immediately after I pick you up from the Honolulu airport!

From not being able to get into the Kustom Airstrike to winning it is a pretty big leap. How did it feel to get the news that you'd won?

To tell you the truth, it was a giant relief! At one point, I was so stressed out, hearing about the politics and reading gnarly internet comments, and just thinking way too much! I’m really relieved of all that stress, and now the Fun is going to begin!

What was your bank account looking like before you won the Kustom Air Strike?

I tried not to look at my account balance for a while… Lets just say that my account was in the negatives.

Going into it, what did you think your chances were?

I thought my chances were really good actually. I remember telling my friend Ariel (the filmer who caught both Rocky Point backflips on video) the year before, that if we captured my backflip on video that we’d have to win the Kustom Airstrike… So once we finally nailed it on video, I felt really confident.

You said you've been working on the "Flynnstone Flip" for eight years. That's $6,250 a year if you break it down. Was it worth the wait?

You know what? I think everything happens for a reason, and the fact that it took this long just makes the victory and reward that much sweeter!

The obvious question is "What are you going to do with the 50Gs?"

That is a very good question, and a great problem to have. I haven’t had the time to think about that yet… What do you think I should do with the $?

After Uncle Sam's fee, does your filmer get a cut?

Of course. I actually made a deal with Ariel before we captured the backflips, so that it could serve as a big incentive for him spending all those hours filming me this past spring.   A huge Mahalo goes out to Ariel Willeford!

Does the money get wired to you or does Kustom send a big ol' check to hang on your wall?

I don’t know yet. That was actually the first question I asked right after they told me the good news.  I was like “How do I collect!”