Footage Of Parko’s Disastrous Wipe-out

Last week, Joel Parkinson suffered one of the worst fin cuts anyone is surfing has ever seen. He practically severed his heel off, slicing through the entire muscle. Surfing is such a big deal in Australia that it actually made the news, and video footage of the wipe-out was aired. It’s amazing how calm he is as he’s being lifted into the ambulance, he actually said, “Ya reckon I’ll be in the water tomorrow?”

Parko just can’t seem to buy a break. It just seems like something doesn’t want him to win a title. If you remember, he blew out his knee last year while freesurfing in Bali. At the time he was ranked #1 in the world, and on his way to an almost certain World Title. And we all know what happened; Mick Fanning came from behind to win his second title.

On a side note, at the time of his heel injury he was the current #13 surfer in the world…weird. Check out the video footage below:

THE TOECUTTER from Joel Parkinson on Vimeo.