Football Schmootball Premiere July 12

Where: 156 Pacific Coast Highway, Regency Laguna South Coast Cinema
When: July 11th @ 9:00 pm
Why: Because Football is overated


Every year the best surfers from around the world gather on the North Shore of Oahu Hawai’i. From early November to late December, this seven mile stretch of beach becomes the most challenging, mind blowing, and down right craziest surf destination on the planet. Every serious surf team in the world rents a house for their respected teams a long this famous stretch of beach.

Now all you have to do to check out the mayhem is go see the new 16mm VOLCOM documentary FOOTBALL SCHMOOTBALL.

Notorious for having the heaviest house on the North Shore, this is one video that you will not want to miss.

Featuring Bruce Irons, Chava Greenlee, Tai Van Dyke, Ozzy Wright, Gavin Bechen and many more.

Be there early and bring your sister and all her friends.