Lists New Smyrna As One of The World’s Dangerous Beaches

In a recent article posted on called The World's Most Dangerous Beaches, New Smyrna in Florida tops the list in the “Most Likely To Get Bit By A Shark” category. Florida also made the dubious list as a great place to get swept away in a rip current, get hit by a power boat, and be struck by lightning. Hacks Point Beach in Maryland has the distinction of being named the most dangerous beach in terms of pollution.

Personally I think the list is garbage. Have the folks at Forbes never seen a Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido rip current? How about surfing off Seal Death Rock at Dungeons in South Africa where a 24′ Great White has been spotted and tagged? In the famous words of Chopper Reid, “Harden the f—k up!”

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New Smyrna World's Most Dangerous Beaches

We’ve seen bigger fish stuck in tide pools…

What beach do you think is the most dangerous in the world?