Former WQS Surfer Creates Hospitality Website For ASP-Rated Events

March 7, 2008 : – – Former WQS surfer, Matt Jones from Yamba Australia, has been working on a website which concentrates on every ASP rated surfing event around the world. The site provides accommodation, location information, event information, detailed maps and directions for every event site.

It also provides photo galleries, news and swell forecasts. The site also has surfer profiles and allows professional surfers to post there own profile and picture. Matt came up with the idea a few years back when he was doing the WQS circuit full time and was doing all of the accommodation bookings for himself and his other travel mates (Bede Durbidge, Corey Ziems and Jamie Thomson).

When he wasn’t surfing he was in front of the computer searching the web for accommodation for each event they where planning to travel to. So over the years he had so much information collected he thought he would put it to good use and create a website to allow traveling for others easier.

Matt says he wish he had a site like this to use when he was competing and said it would have made life so much easier when going to each event. He says the site provides the traveling competitor with everything they need to know to get to an event and to book accommodation.

It is a completely free site and hopes all competitors take advantage of using this information rich source made specifically for them.