Foster’s Named Official Beer Sponsor Of WCT

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)are pleased to announce Foster’s Brewing International have come onboard asthe official beer sponsor of the men’s World Championship Tour (WCT). Thethree-year deal will see Fosters host expression sessions at every event asof now, with footage incorporated into each WCT program produced anddistributed by Trans World International (TWI).

Foster’s long-standing relationship with professional surfing around theworld has now reached a new plateau by their category sponsorship. TheFoster’s Expression Sessions will be an exciting addition to each men’s WCT,with judging criteria varying at locations depending on the nature of waves.Anything from progressive aerial surfing to classic tube riding will berewarded.

ASP President/CEO Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew emphasized Foster’s recentsuccess as naming rights sponsors of the US domestic tour, and assertedtheir increased involvement on an international level would continue tobenefit all parties concerned.


“ASP are delighted to see Foster’s further expand their association with thesport,” said Bartholomew. “They’ve done a great job promoting the NorthAmerican circuit and it’s great to be associated with such a well knowninternational brand. The Foster’s expression sessions will be a fun elementof the tour.”

Foster’s Brewing International Managing Director, Richard Scully said: “Thepartnership between Foster’s and the ASP is a natural fit. The WCT is thepinnacle of professional surfing, and Foster’s is one of the world’s mostpopular premium beers. The Australian beach lifestyle and coastal heritage,and “no worries, fun in the sun” attitude is the heart of our brand identityaround the world.

“Foster’s has been part of surfing worldwide for a number of years, involvedin events in Australia and Europe, as well as being title sponsor of theNorth American tour. We are really excited at the prospect of raising ourinvolvement to a new level as the Beer of the Men’s World Championship Tour.We also hope that the Foster’s Expression Session component of each worldevent will add to the excitement and spectacle of the world tour.”

World #4 Taj Burrow (Aus), one of the best exponents of futuristic surfinghighlighted in expression sessions, welcomed the additional opportunity toperform.

“I’m psyched on any expression sessions being held,” exclaimed Burrow.”They’re pretty much my favorite part of the events and usually the mostexciting for the crowds. There are so many great surfers on tour and theselet us all get loose and do some crazy manoeuvres. It’s cool Foster’s areinvolved.”

Martin Jolly, Managing Director, IMG and TWI, commercial partners and globaltelevision producers and distributors to the ASP’s WCT: “We’re delightedthat Foster’s has selected surfing as the sport to further enhance theirglobal branding and positioning along with Formula One Motorsport. ForFoster’s to choose surfing reaffirms IMG’s belief in the future growth ofthis sport on a global scale and the commercial value of the association.IMG has a 10-year arrangement with the ASP and our plan is to secure anumber of strategic commercial partners to join Foster’s in developing theworldwide tour and taking it to a new level. It is particularly pleasingthat the first deal for the global tour has been finalized out of Australiagiven that Foster’s and surfing are intrinsically linked to Australianculture.”