Fred Patachia’s Top Ten

Guerilla Black Guerilla City

Eminem Encore

Jay-Z & R. Kelly Unfinished Business

Dashboard Confessional Acoustic Bootleg

Bon Jovi Best Of

Ka’ala Boys ‘Nuff Said

John Cruz Acoustic Soul

Remedy bootleg stuff

Sarah McLachlan Afterglow

Kanye West College Dropout


A Sectioned Beam

Kemado recordings

What is this band? A genius art project? The work of a collective group of mad scientists? The answer is yes. No one quite knows who plays this music, but we do know it’s amazing. This is Lansing-Drieden’s third release, and while it only has four songs, each song is worth two because they’re all amazing. This EP swings wildly for the fences in many different genres ranging from 60’s-style psychedelia to weird, moody, trip-pop, to spacey acid rock. Close to but far from bands like Spiritualized, Depeche Mode, New Order, and The Coral.

Jeff Buckley

Grace-Legacy Edition


When the world lost one of its greatest gifts (Jeff Buckley) a void was created that would be impossible to fill. While Buckley’s passing was sudden and tragic, his legacy remains on CD and DVD. His seminal work, Grace, has been re-mastered and expanded with the Legacy Edition. The new package features the complete album, the addition of a second disc with twelve unreleased tracks (“Forget Her” is truly the work of a genius, and also a DVD documentary about the making of Grace.

Rufus Wainwright

Want Two


Our favorite gay troubadour has released a quick follow up to Want One, with the second in a series titled Want Two. Like it’s predecessor, Want Two is filled with beautiful cabaret-style piano classics layered with that sweet Rufus Wainwright voice. “Art Teacher” is a standout track, and no, you don’t have to be gay to like this music. Think of a modern Elton John or a gay Elliott Smith.

The Brown Bunny

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tulip Records

Vincent Gallo is a self-absorbed creator of beautiful films that sit in your psyche. The soundtrack to this film is haunting and at the same time soothing with five original tracks from John Frusciante (don’t worry, the songs sound nothing like the Chili Peppers) and some classic songs from Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson C. Frank, and Jeff Alexander. Overall the soundtrack is dark and moody, but perfect for a long drive late at night.


Sounds Eclectic 3


Sounds Eclectic 3 is a compilation of live recordings originally broadcast on “Morning Becomes Eclectic,” the daily freeform music program hosted by Nic Harcourt on KCRW, a public radio station based in Los Angeles that is supported by listeners and by National Public Radio. The bands on this comp are a who’s who of what’s cool: Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Jem, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, and more. Go to and support public radio.

Via Satellite

Cities Are Temples

Loud And Clear

Lush soundscapes that ebb and flow between beauty and thrash fill this album. This San Diego band is artistic and brooding in a way similar to Radiohead, Black Heart Procession, and Ilya (two other San Diego favorites). Mostly mellow, Cities And Temples is a layered gem. Laptops, synths, guitars, and drum samples come together with great singing to create a complete album that shouldn’t be missed.


Tony Hawk Underground 2


THUG2 adds more to the already awesome THUG series by beefing up levels, making tons more challenges, creating skate worlds that are deep, complicated, and super hard to pass. Hidden characters, crazy obstacles, and new objects to shred on will have your thumbs bleeding once again. Say good-bye to the outdoor world for a while-this game will make your skin pale.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar Games

Believing in hype is a dangerous thing. Oftentimes reading reviews and getting yourself worked up to play a game that sounds amazing leads to disappointment. With all the hype surrounding GTA: San Andreas, youu’d think it was one of the greatest games ever-well, it is. Like it’s predecessor, Vice City, San Andreas is full of fights, gunshots, cool cars, and challenging missions that will have you frustrated and enthralled. Finishing this game is a feat, so good luck. Any fan of the GTA series is stupid if they don’t have this one. It’s better than Vice City, which is an amazing feat in itself. Get this game now, or we’ll shoot you.


Noah’s Arc: The Noah Snyder Documentary

The Walking On Water Foundation

Noah Snyder is a very underrated surfer from the Outer Banks. This documentary shows him and his friends as they rise up to stardom from small town notoriety. It’s also about Noah’s journey into Christianity. There’s some amazing surfing in this flick from Noah, the Hobgoods, Jesse Hines, and Matt Beacham as well. A tad preachy for non-religious folk, but the surfing is well worth the watch for sure.

Freak Show

Rip Curl/

This aptly titled video shows why Jaime O’Brien is considered a freak. From flips to switchstance pipe domination, Jaime pushes the sport of surfing to a mental edge. Most of the footage is from his frontyard (Pipeline and Backdoor) with various other destinations sprinkled in. The friend’s section is hot, too, with Kalani Chapman, Ruben Tajeda, Tom Dosland, and Mark Healey who all rip. Check out the finless session, it’s cool.

Book Nook

Perpetual Surfing Calendar


This desk calendar is a great gift for a person who lives and breathes surfing. Every day, you’ll be greeted with a new surf shot and quote about the sport of kings. For example: October 27 features a photo of an unknown guy at backdoor with a quote from Rizal Tanjung that reads, “I believe in karma. Karma and surfing is all about balance. If you take, you gotta give.”