Donavon Frankenreiter, quits his day job, almost.

Do a search on Google for Donavon Frankenreiter’s name. We did it, and about 10,000 items came up. Items like “buy Donavon’s new CD at Wal-Mart,” “artist profile on,” and “Listen to Donavon Frankenreiter’s new songs here on”

Donavon has been playing music forever, but has always been known more for his stylish cutbacks, than his harmonies. That all changed in 2004. In big radio markets like San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles, Donavon was all over the airwaves. It seemed like his song “Free” was inescapable.

The sheer numbers of Donavon’s rise are evident in record sales; his latest self-titled release is pushing 100,000 records sold worldwide. As far as celebrity goes, he’s already appeared for millions of viewers on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, The Carson Daly show, as well as played to thousands of fans at immensely successful music festivals like Bonnaroo, and The Fuji Festival in Japan.

In short, Donavon’s music career has been blowing up this year, he’s touring nonstop, he’s playing tons of shows, and he still has time to go on Drive Thru South America, father his new baby, and surf around his house in Laguna Beach, California. Donavon’s climbing the chain of fame, and loving every minute of it.-C.C.