Free Tour Of Chris Cote’s Office!

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming on the Chris Cote office tour. There’s a lot to see but be careful, you could get lost. This office is a scary place where books fall on heads, Towelie dolls talk without being touched, and coffee cups grow crazy mold. I’ll be your tour guide, my name is Chris Cote, I live here.[IMAGE 1]

I used to live in the office next door when the magazine started five years ago. Back then, I was a senior writer, now I’m the editor, and I’m rich.[IMAGE 2]

I moved into my new digs a year or so ago, my brother Justin moved into the office next door. He’s a good neighbor, but sometimes I have to call his landlord to complain about gaseous odors emanating from his area.[IMAGE 3][IMAGE 4][IMAGE 5][IMAGE 6][IMAGE 7][IMAGE 8]