French man is still getting barreled on self-built wooden snowboards; video

Remember Fred Compagnon, the Frenchman who has been building wooden snowboard alaias and surfing them in hollow French barrels? Well, a short edit of his more recent endeavors has been published and it confirms he is getting even better on these surf crafts.

Compagnon shows off more of his skills in this edit, including his standup paddleboard transfers mid-wave.

Before you go complaining about how there’s then a rogue SUP board in the lineup, fear not: Compagnon has buddy Remi Arauzo riding off the back of the SUP; once Compagnon ejects, Arauzo hangs onto the board for him.

Upon ejecting, Compagnon shows how to properly get barreled. He might be getting the most unique barrels in all of France.

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