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Nor Cal
So Cal
Outer Banks

Nor-Cal: This weekend and the first half of next week look to be messy. The jet stream over the Pacific is sending energy through California the next few days so we’re going to stay on the wet side for a short time. Look for Saturday to be rainy, Sunday will give a slight break, then it’s another storm on Monday followed by showers on Tuesday. Wednesday is partly cloudy and Thursday and Friday are cool and clear.

So-Cal: The rainy season finally arrived and not a moment too soon with spring just a few weeks away. Nice for Old Man Winter to finally show up. We’ll have good weather this weekend though with foggy mornings followed by sunny and cool days. Then the jet stream and Pacific reorganize and they send another storm our way on Tuesday and Wednesday. Typical southern California weather arrives Thursday and Friday with patchy fog in the mornings and cool sunny afternoons.

Nor-East: Enjoy a partly sunny Saturday as another system will roll into town on Sunday and Monday with rain and sleet forecasted. Partly cloudy and cold temps in the 40’s stick around for the rest of the week and good weather finally arrives towards Friday.

OBX: The mid-Atlantic will have a little bit of everything in the coming days except snow thank God. Look for breezy west/northwest wind conditions on Saturday (which will help pick up the surf), showers on Sunday, partly cloudy skies on Monday and Tuesday, and cool partly sunny skies the second half of the week. Nothing major this week but enough variety to keep you on your toes.

Florida: Southern California can pretty much bet on the weather being foggy in the morning followed by hazy afternoon sunshine. Florida we know has the same predictability: A chance of showers every day and temps in the 70’s. Guess what this week’s forecast is? You’re right, a chance of showers here and there and temps in the 70’s. Look for Saturday to be mostly sunny followed by showers Sunday and heavier rain on Monday. Tuesday has a chance of showers again followed by partly cloudy skies on Wednesday. Thursday arrives with a chance of showers and into Friday. Basically off and on showers all week with temps in the 70’s.

Both coasts have rain and surf this week, but California will be bigger and wetter.

1. Nor-Cal: Heaps of solid surf all week. It will be junky for most of those days unfortunately, but you have to give them the top ranking when the surf doesn’t drop below 8′ all week.
2. So-Cal: See above, but the surf doesn’t drop below 4′ all week.
3. OBX: Not the biggest surf this week, but waves this weekend, probably waves mid-week, and waves are forecasted again on Friday. I’ll take that over a work day anytime.
4. Nor-East: The surf will be similar to the Outerbanks this week, but anytime the word ‘sleet’ is part of your surf day, you have to be wishing you were somewhere else this time of year.
5. Florida: Waves to bookend the work week isn’t a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least have a chance cracking the surf on your way to work?

THE 411:
Just before winter officially ends on March 21st, I thought it would be interesting to find where snow has fallen furthest south in the U.S. in recorded history. We know there’s mountains just east of San Diego (i.e. the town of Julian) and it snows up there a few times a year, so that can’t be the southern most location in the U.S. where snow has falllen. Phoenix even gets snow in the winter and Orlando, FL has been known to have a freeze from time to time so snow has to have fallen there, right? So the answer? Homestead, FL which is in-between Miami and the Florida keys. The date was January 19th, 1977 and the temp was just below 32 degrees. Miami Beach actually had snow flurries. What’s amazing about the snowfall at this southern most location is that it’s not associated with a mountain range like the Rockies or Sierras. It had to do with a location we consider tropical- just 25 miles north of the Florida Keys. Homestead, FL though is in the contiguous United States and a spot more southern than Homestead of course is Hawaii, home to the mighty Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa peaks on the Big Island. Between October and May, major storms can drop a foot or more of snow on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. After an especially heavy snowfall, snow may stick to the mountain at an elevation of 7,000 feet. But don’t count on seeing it for long- snow below 11,000 feet in Hawaii quickly vanishes, since even the winter air temps in Hawaii are usually above freezing even at 13,000 feet and higher. So there is no snow cover for more than a few days on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Still though, if you could pull it off, it would be killer to surf Pipe in the morning and snowboard the mountains of Hawaii in the afternoon.

Didn’t it just seem like Kelly just won his 8th world title and Andy won the Triple Crown, the Pipe Masters, and anything else there is to win in Hawaii just last week?! It feels like the ’06 WCT season ended last Friday, but here we are looking at the first event of the year- starting up next week in Australia- the Quiksilver Pro on the fabled Gold Coast. No complaints from me, I just can’t keep up with ‘who dropped off the tour last year’ and ‘who made it in time for the first event at Snapper Rocks’. I do know it’s scheduled to start this Tuesday the 27th (waves permitting) and the heats have already been drawn up. Of interesting note is hometown hero and previous winner Dean Morrison in heat 1 against lead foot Pancho Sullivan. Heat 2 is legends’ Occy, Taylor Knox, and Florida rookie Gabe Kling who hopes to not be a deer in the headlights. Heat 7 has two guys in classic Martin Potter mode (i.e. amazing freesurfers who are trying to fit their acts into the contest arena so they can finally win a world title), Taj Burrow and Lost’s Chris Ward. Slater is in heat 8 where we’ll soon find out if he’s serious about winning yet another title. And heat 9 is his nemesis Andy Irons who will no doubt be watching Kelly’s heat closely and vice versa. And the last heat of the day features Hawaii’s young gun Freddy P. against former world title contender Mick Campbell who basically fell off the face of the earth (i.e. world tour) battled back on the World Qualifying Series, and now is hungry for another world title shot. I know Curren did it, but c’mon- that was Curren! Check out all the drama next week on

LOST PIC OF THE WEEK: Teahupo’o from the inside looking out.

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