Friday Forecast 2/23: So Cal

The good news is that the Pacific has been active this past week but the bad news is all the activity is aimed towards us in the way of storms, so the swells didn’t have time to organize and clean themselves up before they’ll get here. But overhead jumbled surf is better than no surf I guess. Look for the northwest swell to increase on Saturday to the head high to overhead range at best northwest spots like Southern San Diego and Ventura. The swell holds on Sunday and drops slightly Monday and Tuesday. The swell gets back in the swing of things and starts to pick up again towards Wednesday afternoon, peaking out of the northwest on Thursday. Unfortunately, models indicate showers again for Tuesday and Wednesday so conditions won’t be the cleanest. Thursday starts to clear up and Friday is small but clean. Water temps are high 50’s and the tides are medium at sunrise, a negative 0.5 at lunch, and medium again at sunset.