Friends & Family Mourn English Surfer Who Died On Kauai

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Loving tributes have been paid to a surfer who died in a tragic accident on a honeymoon with his wife and six-month-old daughter.

Nolan McSkimming, 31, who lived in Newquay for five years, died fulfilling a life’s ambition surfing waves in Hawaii.

It is understood the surfer, who competed on the UK professional tour for several years, blacked out while in the water at Tunnels Beach on the island of Kauai. A lifeguard, Jim Ingham, heroically battled to get Nolan to shore as he slipped in and out of consciousness, but their surfboard leashes became stuck on rocks.

Nolan’s wife, Kerryn Quinn, said: “Unfortunately during this time, Nolan struggled to hang on to life and his condition deteriorated from there, with his breathing getting shallower.

“Jim was trying to perform CPR out there, on his own, while still trying to flag for help. By the time they got Nolan to the shore and started proper CPR, I am afraid it was too late. Our beloved friend had passed on.”

Described as “the most positive person you could ever meet”, Nolan’s sudden death has left friends in shock and more than 750 people have joined a tribute to him on the Facebook website.

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