From The WTF? Files

It’s not always my style to be a hater, but someone’s gotta call it how it is. I don’t know where the ‘need’ they’re talking about is actually coming from, but you can bet your ass it’s not the surfing community.

I admire the pursuit in creating new things, but you’ve gotta have a filter for some of your ideas. And when your bro says the following words, it’s not helping your cause: “I wanna ski a wave because I wanna hack it and destroy it. It kind of bothers me that I can’t ski on the waves, I have to surf.”

How it’s like skiing I don’t know. How you’d hack a wave on them I don’t know. As a hater of SUPs, I can honestly say SUPs would be more respected in a lineup than these surf skis. Maybe behind a boat, but not in the ocean. Especially with that double-sided broom you’ve got yourself.