Frontside Floater To 360 Out – Matt Cameron

How To Do A Frontside Floater To 360 Out
Words by Matt Cameron
Photo Sequence: Tom Carey


Start the move like a normal floater, all while staying low to your board.

Step Two:

Stay on top of the lip and try to lose a bit of your momentum.

Step Three:

Put pressure on your back foot and the tail will start to drop, thus enabling you to start your 360 rotation.

Step Four:

Continue your rotation as the wave brings you down to the flat section of the wave.

Step Five:

Once you’re three-quarters of the way through the rotation, begin to transfer your weight to your front foot.

Step Six:

Turn your head and body toward the beach as your fins will catch and straighten your board out.

Step Seven:

Maintain your balance through the end of the move and rise out of the whitewash.

Step Eight:

After completion of the move, look down the line for another opportunity.