Frontside Grab Ollies With Troy Teckleburg

Frontside Grab Olliesby Troy Tecklenburg, Sequence Lou Dulien


1. To start the ollie, approach the oncoming lip. Visualize where you’re going to land.

2. Ollie your surfboard by bouncing your back foot, while at the same time sucking your front foot up close to your body, thus forcing the nose of your board out of the water. While compressing your front leg, go for the grab.

3. For a good center of gravity, get your body over your board.

4. While grabbing your rail, put your other arm in the air and make a stupid face. Yell, scream, or whatever you like to do while you’re in the air.

5. Let go of your grab and look for a place to come down.

6. Make your adjustments to ride away clean.

7. Remember to try this at your local beachbreak as much as possible, kiddies, because water doesn’t hurt!