Dave Wassel

October 23, 2002

12:20 p.m.

Ehukai Beach Park


When visiting the North Shore in December, you can be sure you'll shit your trunks a few times. Giant waves come in regularly, and trunk soiling occurs on a daily basis. Sometimes you'll be sitting out there on a sunny four-foot day, and just like a bad dream, the clouds roll in with a new swell–leaving you clambering for the horizon as the sets start getting bigger and bigger with each wave.

On the other side of stained shorts, there's the Ehukai Beach Park. In between swells, the sandbar between Pupukea and Pipeline can create some of the funnest little wedges ever. The waves at the sandbar break super close to the shore–perfect for getting whomped while bodysurfing. Another great part of the Ehukai sandbar is that on any sunny day, you can be sure to find plenty of young, tanning female bodies lounging around on the North Shore's best beach.

During the massive winter of 2002, Dave Wassel and some friends made full use of a beautiful day by dragging out the old single fins and messing around on the fun little waves. No winter visit to the North Shore is complete without spending at least one day screwing around at the happiest place on the Island–Ehukai Beach Park–C.C.