Gallaz Booms Forward

It didn’t take long for the Globe marketing wizards to figure out that the boom in the Juniors’ surf-apparel market would soon crossover into the surf and skateboarding footwear businees. That’s why the launch of Gallaz, originally slotted for this San Diego ASR, was bumped up to the February Long Beach ASR.

“Girls buy shoes nine-to-one, compared to guys,” says Jeff Cutler, Globe’s marketing guru.

The line, which opened with nine different styles, has expanded to twelve models and nearly 30 different SKUs.

And according to Marketing Coordinator Kelley Peery, the response has been great. Peery expects Gallaz’ new Layne Beachley signature shoe — the brand’s only pro model — will be a top seller in the line, particularly in the white and red colorway.

Cutler says he’s noticed that more retailers are paying attention to women’s specific shoes, because girls that have bought guy’s skate shoes in the past want something designed for them.

But it’s not just the retailers who are embracing the movement. Cutler’s also noticed that other manufacturers are developing shoe lines specifically for women. Reef has had its Lisa Anderson signature model for a few years, and Etnies has a skate shoe designed for hell-raiser Elissa Steamer. This year, the two brands, including Globe, devoted big sections of their booths (sometimes separate booths, as in Reef’s case) to footwear for females.

For summer, Gallaz plans to expand its sandal line by a handful of styles and more colorways.