Garut Widiarta Wins Oakley Indosections

Garut Wins Oakley Indosections

The whole night, he looked so calm. Maybe he knew he had it locked up. Maybe he’s just this cool all the time. Maybe it has to do with filed down teeth or something.

The judges agreed unanimously: Rizal Tanjung, Brad Gerlach, Tim Russo, Jason Childs and Mikala Jones.

The members voted him #1…across the board.

And, damn, it was just a sick section. Long barrels. A quiver of rodeo flips. Water shots. Cool theme. Creative music. How could he not win?

Congratulations to Garut Widiarta. When I handed over his cash prize, he immediately paid his editor (Nikko Solkkeil) and bought shots for the staff. Good form. This guy knows how to keep the team stoked.

The IndoSections premier was a rocking good time. Everyone showed up at Tipi Jabrik’s massive surf-warehouse party station RAW and watched some of our favorite Innersection’s: Mikala Jones, Mike Losness, Ozzy Wright and Peter Devries. Since they’ve all been completely re-made, this was probably their last night out. It’s super fun to watch a string of Innersection’s back to back on the big-screen…a glimpse of just how good the movie is gonna end up.

Then we showed all the local boys’ sections and the screen and brought them up to help introduce their part. So much great surfing. Hard to believe this is a country of first generation surfers, cause the talent here is some of the best in the world.

It’s literally painful for me to have to announce only five winners. A few of these sections were really deserving of the film — particularly Mega Semadhi and Made Raditya — but that’s how it goes in a competition.

Logan was on the computer speed-editing a re-do of the whole film and 20-minutes later we watched a live first draft of Oakley Indosections. The order goes like this:

5. Betet Merta
4. Dede Suryana
3. Mustofa Jeksen
2. Lee Wilson
1. Garut Widiarta

The judges (you included) made just the right call. We’ve got just a week left to whip this little bonus feature into shape.

Meanwhile, Taylor is back in California finalizing the ALL NEW sections for the main event. OH MY GOD they are coming in so good. It’s crazy, cause all these sections were winners to start with. Then to have guys go back with tight notes, and re-do everything…

Just wait. I’ve worked on a bunch of surf films these last couple years with Taylor and I’ve never been this excited. But the credit is not for me and Taylor, but the surfers and filmmakers pouring their love and art into this collaboration.

November 26th there will be premiers all around the country, mostly hosted by your local pro who made a section on the movie. Cool, huh. One global super-premier.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to recover from IndoSections and help finish this project….so we can start the next one.

Congratulations Garut. We always thought you shoulda qualified back when you entered Winter Round in February…so we’re really stoked to this much more exciting and unique entry on the final DVD.

Stay tuned…the real reason we’ve been doing this is about to be revealed. We think you’ll like it. A lot. —NM

[Big thanks to Oakley, who made this all possible, and RAW store who hosted a really fun evening. And all the judges and everyone who came out…THANK YOU. Humbling to be part of such a great surf community.]