Gary Siskar joins The Amerikan Project

Gary Siskar, a seasoned veteran in the action sports industry is the latest addition to the already strong group of talent at The Amerikan Project. Gary has been appointed the VP of Sales and Marketing for the emerging brand.

“We are already feeling the positive repercussions of Gary’s presence at Amerikan. He rounds out our company’s skill sets with a deep level of experience and expertise. Gary has built solid relationships with many key retailers and industry leaders in our market, which is paramount to Amerikan’s vision for growth. It’s purely a bonus that he shares the lifestyle that is core to our brand philosophy—he rocks, says Eric Crane, VP Creative+Brand.

Gary has held various management positions in sales and marketing previously at Arnette Optics and Sole Technology Inc. where he has successfully helped create and convey brand image, presence and increase sales volume. At The Amerikan Project Gary will be responsible for building the structure that will communicate the brand globally and take Amerikan to the next levels of growth.

“This is our window of opportunity, and with the knowledge that Gary brings from helping build a successful brand from the ground up and working with a company that has become a pillar in our market, Amerikan is destine for success, says Adam Port, president and founder of The Amerikan Project.

“This is it, this is home! All of the people at Amerikan are on the same wavelength without anything being said. Everyone shares the same passions and ideals, which creates a family atmosphere that breed’s success. Now it is time to hit the frontlines with that passion, says Siskar.