Gearing Up For Getting Down: Super Brand’s Spring Preview

California, Hawaii, Australia – That’s right, we are gearing up for getting down. It’s been a few days since we announced our deal with Blitz Distribution and the phones have been hot. It seems people want to know just what this SUPER BRAND is all about. We think that answer is too easy. We’re about unorthodox lines on moving pictures. We’re about strobing in the green room. We’re about blue water, golden rays, and kicking at the beach all day. We’re about designing and riding our own boards. And we’re our own ambassadors of a stellar vibe.

With that said, we give you this preview of our first ever Spring/Summer line.

SUPER BRAND is a rider-driven company founded by Clay Marzo, Kolohe Andino, Dion Agius, Ry Craike and Tosh Townend in 2008. The motivation behind the brand is simple: To look sharp, go fast, and yield excessive pop. This is a combination that will never go out of style.  

About Blitz Distrubution
Blitz has a strong history of brand development, and encompasses some of the most important brands in skateboarding, including Birdhouse, Flip, Baker and recent upstart JSLV Clothing. Blitz distributes its product ranges around the world, and covers all retail sectors from the independent shops through the large sporting good chains. The core goal remains unchanged all these years later – offer the highest quality products, at reasonable prices, and encourage the continued growth of skateboarding as a passion, and way of life.