Geoff Brack 3-8

Name: Geoff Brack

Age: 17

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hometown: San Clemente, California (via Ventura)

Sponsors: Billabong, Dragon, Reef, Channel Islands, Ocean & Earth.

Geoff Brack should be renamed Damien-he’s the spawn of the devil. He’s also the poster child for ADD, plus he’s more thug than Tupac, Biggie, and DMX combined-or at least he thinks so. His nickname at the Billabong house in San Clemente is “Little Angry Man.” When Geoff’s on land, he plays with knives, shoots BB guns, head-butts walls, and gets homemade tattoos.

When this aggression rolls over into the water, he’s one of the most talented surfers his age. Geoff has every trick in the book, lands huge airs, charges Pipe, and most recently won the air show in Santa Cruz, beating some of the heaviest air guys around.

While in Hawai’i last season, he dished out more than his fair share of “grom abuse.” At the same time, he was the first one to take the groms surfing with him and rooted for them when they charged, showing that underneath all of that tough-guy thug exterior, Geoff actually has a good heart. Just don’t piss him off.-Don Hoffman