Gerry Lopez bodysurfs a river wave using a handplane; video

Gerry Lopez has always been a trailblazer. When Pipeline got crowded, he bolted for Indonesia. When that got inudated with surfers, he headed for Oregon to snowboard. When river surfing got popular, he started bodysurfing in rivers.

Wait, what? Well, Lopez hasn’t stopped river surfing by any means. But he did just post a video on Instagram of him bodysurfing with a handplane in a river near his home of Bend, Oregon.

Lopez is no stranger to river surfing and displaying the possibilities of fun within them. A regular in the Bend, Oregon river surfing scene, Lopez recently told our own Senior Editor Jon Perino that river waves are perfect set-ups for bodysurfing.

So Lopez did just that. And as the timeless style master he is, Lopez did so while wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Now Lopez is not the first person to bodysurf river waves, as you may remember Mike Kasic (aka Fish Man) from Keith Malloy’s “Come Hell or High Water” bodysurfing movie. Kasic bodysurfs the Yellowstone River in Montana on a very regular basis and is extremely committed to the endeavor.

But of course leave it to Lopez to put his own spin on it and get a solid clip like the one above.

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