Getting Groovy In Surfside

”Like, wow man, who whipped out the time machine?
Sidestep Steve Stevens, 1973 WSA Division 14 Champ

“Holy mackerel, my Orange Sunshine flashbacks are getting really bad.
Art “Off The Lip Evans, =33 place, 1971 Slashback Masters

“I haven’t seen laybacks like that since I did ’em!
Larry “Layback Daley, Layback Legend

“Is the Egyptian Tube Pose still cool?
Alley Cat, Surfside Superhero

On Saturday, August 21, some retro surfing was brought back to life in North Orange County in what can only be referred to as the Sixth Annual Surfside 70s contest sponsored by Lost, Ocean & Earth, Body Glove, LX eyewear, Black Flys, Summit sportswear, Katin, Jacks, Huntington Surf & Sport, and ZJ Boarding house. Young and semi-young, female and male, the righteous and the feelin’ it—the entire local crew showed up to show off their best and most stylish attributes in the one- to two-foot surf. Thanks to Donavon Frankenreiter and Tony Alvarado, a serious quiver of 70s shred sticks were dusted off, taken off the walls, brought out of the attic, and lined up for the comp.

Some of the boards included single fin bombers by Bruce Jones and Robert August as well as an original Bronzed Aussies model donated by one of the Bronzed Aussies himself—Mr. Peter Townend. Competitors chose boards for the heat by picking numbers out of a jar and with that number given three choices of what board would allow them to rip the most.

In the water, it wasn’t uncommon to see some stylish cruising combined with nudity, a Speedo, maybe a floater, or nose ride down the line. Surf stars such as Bud Llamas and Jay Larson came to test their skills and had no trouble adapting themselves to the boards and conditions. As the sun came out and the tide got higher, competitors were forced to use their creativity to get the most out the inconsistent surf.

In the end, the stylish goofy-foot stylings of Scott Stopnik outlasted a strong charge by Dan Fennell in second, Tim Stamps in third, John Kissell in fourth, Casey Wheat in fifth, and Jody Lemmon rounding out the final in sixth.

Afterward, the competitors ganged up and invaded Taco Surf for the awards, food, and plenty of adult beverages to trip out on. Word on the streets is that everyone’s already practicing their slashes and laybacks and gearing up for next year’s classic—sure to be another winner, man.