Giveaways – 4.6


Progression VM Giveaway Whiner … Uh, WinnerThe winner of the Progression VM DVD giveaway (Volume 4, Issue 3) is none other than Tom Volonino. Here are his seven sad reasons why he deserves to win copies of Progression VM 7 and 8:

1. If anyone needs progressing, it’s me! I am so behind on who’s hot and why!2. On Christmas Day, I went to my house to get my girlfriend’s gift, and there’s a big gaping hole in my ceiling. While I was away, the heat went off and the upstairs heating pipes burst. Water’s coming out of the broken pipes as if a garden hose was turned on full force. There’s calf-high water all throughout the first floor of my house and everything’s ruined! The only thing left intact was the new DVD player, which was fully boxed and bagged on top of two milk crates.3. As a result of reason two, I am this close to skid row. I had to move in with my girl and her rabid cat! I am working double shifts to pay for the home repairs; I have no time for anything but work! No expendable income for surf videos or DVDs. I’ve got a brand-new DVD player, but can’t afford to buy the DVDs to put into the bastard!4. I enjoy good surf videos more than porn!5. I’m from Hawai’i and have been marooned in the Northeast-where you freeze your nuts off in the winter and can only surf for half the year (in cold, dirty water). Now, because of “reason two,” I can’t afford to take a winter surf trip. The best way to take the winter’s edge off is to watch the bros surfing at home in the Islands-on video (or on the new DVD that you may be sending me).6. If I don’t see somebody surfing beautiful waves (and I don’t begrudge ’em, even if it ain’t me), I’m gonna flip my trolley pretty damn soon!7. Even losers deserve to be winners! Send me the DVD, please!

To be honest, Tom, you left out the best reason for sending you these DVDs: anyone living in a town called Hicksville deserves to win something!

PlayStation 2, Reef Prize Bonanza Contest WinnerShawn Johnson of Imperial Beach, California is gonna have a lot of friends over at his house from now on-he’s the winner of a brand-new PlayStation 2 console, a copy of the TransWorld SURF video game for PS2, and a bunch of Reef gear. Congratulations, Shawn!