Glen “Micro” Hall – 4.8

Glen “Micro” HallAge: 21Height: 5’8″Weight: 132 lbs.Hometown: Umina, AustraliaSponsors: Billabong, Etnies, Surf Dive Ski, Arnette, Gorilla Grip

Micro is defined by the English dictionary as “small, minute, or the millionth part of.” In the Aussie dictionary, Micro is defined as Glen Hall-a radical young goofy-footer whose brash, out-of-control surfing has him sitting on the doorstep of the WCT. Growing up in the coastal area of Umina on Australia’s East Coast, Glen has had the opportunity to surf with some of the world’s best surfers: “Every time I surf at Umina, I surf with Drew Courtney or Dave Nelson. It’s perfect-Dave is one of the best aerialists, and Drew is one of the best all-around surfers in the world.” Glen Hall comes across as a true Aussie-the pubs, his mates, and his local beaches all come first whenever he arrives home from a trip. “I love me mates,” says Hall. “They all support me so much. Most of ’em are all bodyboarders, and whenever we surf, we have so much fun. As soon as I get home from a trip, I ring them, and we’re straight down to the pub-all sensible, of course.” This year he’s ranked twenty-second in the WQS ratings, and his mind’s set on the ‘CT. “I’m hoping I get there,” he says. “I just want to crack the ‘CT-I want it so bad.”-Tommy Herschell