Globe Signs Noodles

If you’ve been on the North Shore, or are paying attention to the surf industry gossip pages you may have caught wind that legendary, yet contemporary Australian surfer Nathan Webster, has copped a new sponsor.

Noodles, as he’s known affectionately around the world, has just signed a multi year deal with Globe International, as the most recent member of the growing 100% squad. I caught up with Noodles, between stays at Off the Wall, to get the scoop on his new gig and the skinny associated with it.

turtle: so, you’re riding for globe apparel and footwear now? 100%?

Noodles: Yep, pretty sweatty huh? I’m stoked…

T: yeah, i bet. How did it all come about?

N: Well um, it all officially came together one night on the drink in France. Ha! But yep, the seed had been planted beforehand and I had always figured it was inevitable that I would end up doing the whole apparel major sponsor thing with Globe. I felt like they always were into what I was doing, the same as I was into their shit. So viola, inevitability comes to fruition.

T: so you’re out with the boys, talking shoes and sandals over beers and wines and someone mentions apparel and a 100% deal, and the rest is history?

N: Yeah pretty much. There was a little bit of talk beforehand, but the deal was done that night. That’s the way Globe does things. They don’t fuck around! They want to do something, they do it! They make a decision, simple. None of that wait around for a month crap that comes when setting up major deals with other companies. That’s what I love about Globe. It’s a no bullshit kind of company.

T: sounds like it. So have they developed some new plans for you and your new deal with them?

N: Yeah, I will be surfing lots. Quality surfing though. I am a bit burned out on doing two tours so I will only be competing hard core on one. Along with that I hope to be doing some good surf trips and surfing some sick waves. Filming, shooting and what not with the rest of the team. Get back to surfing and having fun with it, instead of grinding and groveling all year on 2 tours, ya’ know? I will also be getting involved in product development on both the apparel and footwear fronts. I will be a bit of a sounding board there. I’m super excited about that shit too. I have always been

T: good on ya noods. That’s a brah’s dream, not to mention joining your mates Hitcho and Davo on the program. What’s the skinny there?

N: Yeah Hitcho and Davo are my china plates (mates), so I am stoked to be able to go on trips and hang out with them for sure. Not to mention the mega deal with the Hobgood bros that Fisher’s been talking about non-stop. Heard about that one?

T: been hearing about it heaps, as you do when you hang with fisher. What’s gives with the fishdog? Laughs like a hyena, eh?

N: Yeah he laughs like a hyena. He is a fucking twit mate. A grade. We love him though. But it is true, you can’t trust what he says for shit. He does a great Davo impersonation. For real! Davo thinks he is doing Chopper though!?!?

T: good times ahead for you brother noodles. Hitcho, davo, fisher, the hobgoods and you cruising the high seas hunting gold. Congrats to ya! Thanks for the update.

N: Oh you know it will be good times. No worries on the update mate. Yeeww