Globe’s New Emissions of Light and Sound Wins Award At H.B. Film Festival

August 1, 2008: – – El Segundo, Ca — New Emissions of Light and Sound, Globe's most recent surf film release, was honored with the ‘Most Innovative Film’ Award at the 2008 Huntington Beach Surf Theatre Film Festival. The event, in it's 6th year, is hosted by Big Red Productions, following their week long Surf Theater during the US Open of Surfing, and is a big honor for all filmmakers involved.

"It's great that there is an independent film festival that is hosting a core awards show for all the great surf filmmakers around today," said Brian Robbins, Globe Surf Marketing Manager. "Leslie and Dave from Big Red Productions have been showing surf films in Huntington Beach for years, and have the unique perspective of a live crowd's response to establish their nominations."

Following the week of Surf Theater viewings, the Huntington Beach Surf Film Festival gathers a panel of judges to cast their votes for the nominees. Other awards are given out for Best Corpo Film, Best Independent Film, Best Cinematography and Best Hardcore Film. New Emissions was nominated in three categories, including Best Corpo Film and Best Cinematography, but took home the big prize for Most Innovative Film.

"Winning the Most Innovative Film award is the ideal award for what we set out to achieve in making this film," said the film's director Joe G. "Combining an originally scored electronic soundtrack from DJ Sasha, with our Super 16mm film was always going to produce something different than most of the films put out today. We're just happy that the response to the combination has been so positive."

New Emissions of Light and Sound was also awarded the Best Original Soundtrack Award at the 2008 X-Dance Film Festival, as well as being nominated for Best Cinematography. Globe's other award winning surf films include 2006's Secret Machine and 2004's Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere. For a complete listing of all Globe titles visit the online shop at