Glory Foam Announces PUR-White “Green” Surfboard Blank

Ensenada, Mexico. Feburary 14, 2007. Glory FoamTM today announced a significant breakthrough in their environmentally safer foam surfboard blanks with the unveiling of its new PUR-Foam product. PUR-Foam is an environmentally safer surfboard foam that also maintains a bright white appearance. PUR-Foam represents the industrys most environmentally advanced polyurethane foam. By combining pure clear materials Glory is able to produce green blanks that are now brilliantly white too. No bleaches, pigments, additives, or enhancers are used. In fact our product is just the opposite says company General Manager Tom Brown. Our foam is actually clear. Its the tiny bubbles in the cell structure that refract light and make it appear bright white. We are excited that shapers and consumers now have the ability to make environmentally responsible choices without having to sacrifice anything in terms of looks or performance. We have spent over 18 months in product development-getting everything exactly right. PUR-Foam is made with the safer PMDI technology. But our commitment to a greener product doesnt stop there. Says Brown. Our chemistry uses renewable plant material as a base, namely sugar. Our blowing agent does not deplete the ozone or increase green house gases. In fact, our product has won the EPAs Stratospheric Ozone Protection award. Our production methods are unique too. We use a state-of-the art computer controlled dispensing machine to ensure the quality of our foam and reduce our waste to virtually zero. Our production process also eliminates the need for release papers, commonly used by other producers. Release papers represent a substantial amount of landfill trash. And landfills are a leading source of green house gas emissions.

PUR-Foams Quality is second to none. PUR-Foam maintains a uniform tight cell structure praised by shapers and glassers alike. PUR-Foam wont yellow and does not contain pour lines so the foam accepts tints well. It wont chunk or tear when planned. PUR-Foam creates a light, flexible, durable blank.

Glory Foam TM was founded in Mexico in April 2005 by a group of committed surfers. The idea was born after the Brown family spent two years sailing and surfing throughout Mexico. After what we saw in both lack of good surf product as well as crazy amounts of trash, we wanted to do something for surfers and the environment. Our goal is to lead the way in responsible, clean, safe manufacturing.

Contact: Richelle Brown 52.646.176.2560